Certification in Ethical Hacking

Shiksha Deeksha

About This Course

Getting a certification in ethical hacking in India will provide you with the skill to access the latest commercial-grade tools, methodologies, and techniques used by hackers to lawfully hack any organization. The globally accepted certification in ethical hacking in India makes sure that the knowledge of auditors, network administrators, and professional from a security perspective. As the course contents are vendor-neutral, it covers the whole network-security concept. The best certification course in ethical hacking will help you to think from a malicious hackers’ viewpoint and also try to penetrate the network ethically and list out the loopholes and vulnerabilities.

Learning Objectives

To Learn Ethical Hacking.


  • No Eligibility Criteria. Basic concepts provided by Shiksha Deeksha

Target Audience

  • Anybody who want to learn ethical hacking.


6 Lessons


Module 1

Lab Setup and Configuration

System Hacking

Social Engineering

Wifi Hacking

Web Application Pentesting

Lecture 64: How Web Application Works Lecture 65: Request and Response Lecture 66: Installing Scanner (Acuntix, Netsparker) Scanning Lecture 67: Website Basic Lecture 68: OWASP Top 10 Lecture 69: What is Sql-Injection? Lecture 70: Types of Sql-Injection Lecture 71: Live Demo on Sql-Injection Lecture 72: What is XSS Lecture 73: Types of XSS Lecture 74: Live Demo on XSS All types Lecture 75: What is HTML Injection Lecture 76: Live Demo on HTML Injection Lecture 78: What is Directory Listing Lecture 79: Live Demo on Directory Listing Lecture 80: What is Broken Authentication Lecture 81: - Live Demo on Broken Authentication Lecture 82: - What is Tamper data? Lecture 83: - Live Demo on Tamper Data on Ecommerce site Lecture 84: - What is Web Shell Lecture 85: - Hack Web-Server Using Web-Shell

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Shiksha Deeksha

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Certification in Ethical Hacking


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6 lectures

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  • Lifetime Access to Shiskha Deeksha LAB (50+ pdf, 100+ videos), 24X7 Round the clock doubt clearing session
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